For the first time… an unprecedented agreement by the political forces with the call of “Tariq Saleh” to unite the battle against the Houthis


The political leaders and party components in the country agreed for the first time to welcome the calls of the leader of the national resistance, Brigadier Tariq Muhammad Saleh, to unify the battle between the political forces in the face of the Houthis under the umbrella of legitimacy.

Tariq Saleh launched his calls, Thursday, from the coastal city of Mocha, west of Taiz, during a meeting of members of the Political Bureau of the National Resistance on the west coast.

Health Minister Qassem Buhaibah described Tariq Saleh’s speech as a “national and responsible discourse,” and said, “We hope that the contents of this national discourse will be reflected in practical steps on the ground.”

For its part, the Southern Transitional Council welcomed the statements of Tariq Saleh, calling for openness to draw something new for the future and to restore the momentum of the battle against the Houthi militias and the Iranian project.

“We welcome in the Southern Transitional Council any efforts to unite ranks to confront the Houthi militias along the lines of contact in the south and Yemen,” said STC spokesman Ali Al-Kathiri.

He added, “We express our readiness to partner with the national resistance and support it to liberate these militias, break their oppression and remove their danger from our country and the region, while affirming our adherence to our southern national goals.”

In the same context, Adel Al-Aqibi, the leader of the Nasserist Unionist People’s Organization party, who is the organization’s secretary in Taiz, praised the contents of Brigadier-General Tariq Saleh’s speech, and his call to unite the ranks of the republican national forces on the path to restoring Yemen, the republic and its state, and protecting the people and their freedoms.

Al-Uqaibi said, “The da’wa confirms the ability to transcend division and division in the legitimacy camp,” calling on others to deal with the da’wa by working on the ground, not just the blessed one.

In a speech during the meeting of the members of the Political Bureau of the National Resistance, Tariq Saleh stressed the importance of the stage in the context of the fateful and open battle of the Yemeni people against the Houthi militia affiliated with Iran, calling on the various national forces, parties and popular resistance, to sense and bear the historical responsibility to achieve the aspirations of the people in restoring their state with its capital The kidnapped Sanaa and its republican regime and the return of the country to its Arab incubator.

The late president’s nephew called on members of the “political bureau” to work on building a real partnership with the active political forces present in the Yemeni arena, including parties and popular resistance, and to direct all energies to forming a real resistance that can confront the Iranian project.

He pointed out that what the Houthi militia has achieved is not strength, but rather the disintegration of the national forces and their struggle for power and appointments abroad, according to him, praising at the same time the sacrifices of the army in Marib and on various fronts and the sacrifices of the southern resistance, the Tihamiyah resistance and Taiz, which he said “was the one who fired the shot.” The first is against the Houthi militia.”

Tariq Saleh stressed that the “national resistance” he leads will not be outside the legitimacy and the Arab coalition, and added: “We work within the framework of the Yemeni Republic and the Arab coalition, and we are not against legitimacy, and we want to be active in the legitimacy, and support any action you take to restore the state.”

He explained that the main goal “is the liberation of Yemen, the return of the republic, the stable state and the freedom of its people, leading to the choice of who represents the Yemenis through the ballot boxes and not through any party.”

He also stated in his speech that the “national resistance” is an extension of every republic, and that it represents all Yemeni regions, pointing to the great role and huge sacrifices of the Southern Resistance (the Southern Transitional Council currently) in the fight against Al-Houthi.

“We extend our hands to develop this work in forming a solid bloc that can confront the Iranian project and restore our capital,” he said.

Last September, Tariq Saleh had called on the national forces to unite the battle, direct the compass to Sanaa, and stay away from side battles. We go to small side battles, and there is an enemy waiting for everyone, who wants to pounce on Yemen from one end to the other.”

Saleh’s nephew – who had escaped from the grip of the Houthis after his uncle was killed in December 2017, warned of the danger of the Iranian-backed Houthi project, and said, “The Houthi will not leave an inch in Yemen without destroying it. Or a city, he has an Iranian-backed project that came from Tehran.”

Referring to the compatibility of his forces with the authorities of the legitimate government, he said that the legitimate government “works comfortably on the western coast, as its forces support the local authority, support its offices, security and stability, and provide it with all facilities.”

Tariq Saleh revealed that “more than 300 (Hezbollah) experts entered after 2011 to train the Houthi militia on board military ships after it seized power in Sanaa.”

He explained that these ships were carrying “Igla-S missiles and Kornet missiles,” stressing that Iran “prepared and mobilized for the battle in Yemen, and dragged the region and its countries into war,” according to him.

Saleh’s nephew was able to build forces trained with the support of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy after escaping from Sanaa, which he called the “National Resistance Forces.” It includes many military brigades that participated in the liberation of large areas from the western coast of Yemen to the vicinity of the city of Hodeidah.

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