For the first time, the “Yemeni Presidency” announces the Houthis’ success in eliminating “Stockholm”


Today, Monday, the Yemeni presidency said that the Houthi militia has completely destroyed the Stockholm Agreement and in full view of the world. In the announcement is the first since the signing of the agreement nearly three years ago.

The Vice President of the Republic, Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Ali Mohsen Saleh, said during his meeting with Chief of General Staff Lieutenant-General Saghir bin Aziz, that “in addition to the Houthis’ exploitation, with Iranian support and guidance, of the Stockholm Agreement in mobilization and escalation, the Houthi militia has recently sought to eliminate it.” Totally and in full view and hearing of the world, in clear disregard for all international efforts and agreements aimed at bringing lasting peace and ending the suffering of the Yemeni people.

Saleh pointed to the “continuous escalation of the Houthi coup militia and its attacks on cities, civilians and the displaced, its launching of ballistic missiles and drones on Yemeni areas and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a threat to international navigation and the killing of women and children, in practices that all fall under punishable war crimes.”

Observers considered that the withdrawal of the joint forces, at the end of last week, to areas outside the Stockholm Agreement, is a new trap to lure the Houthi militia, and an entry point to violating the Stockholm Agreement, which the militia continues to violate on a daily basis since its signing in late December 2018.

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