For this reason, Al-Houthi does not care about the killing of 15,000 of his militias within months


The thought that Al-Salaliyyin was brought up on is that the rest of the people – without them – were basically created to serve them, and therefore Al-Salali is surprised by your astonishment, about what is practiced and done with the tribesmen in the incinerators of extermination.!

He sees the tribesmen being killed by the dozens every day, and he does not bat an eyelid, or feel the slightest constriction in his body. If one Hashemi or a relative of them is killed, even if he reaches a very old age, their eyes shed tears profusely! On them, they do not deserve even the mere grief or reproach of their departure.

Approximately 15,000 tribesmen were killed in the Ma’rib clashes within a few months, an inevitably alarming number. No army leader in the world, or even a gang leader, can accept this terrible attrition among the ranks of his men, and does not work to stop the battle or search for other options. They have value, and without death – in deserts and wastelands – they do not deserve life.

After this horrific announcement by the international media – about the size of the dead and twice as many wounded among their ranks – did one descendant come out and say, What is this madness for God’s sake, may the cursed war stop?! Did one of them shed tears, even if it was a lie? No, it did not happen There is nothing from that, and it will not happen, and waiting for the sympathy of Hashemi for the ginger of my tribe “…a blaze of fire in the water is a blaze of fire..!!”.

I claim that this number will not provoke any Hashemite dynasty in all of Yemen to feel panic, fear or internal constriction from these numbers that die without a price, and in losing battles. One of them believes that this number is small, and that the crushing of all Yemenis, without exception, in Ma’rib or elsewhere is natural, and rather their lack of death is what worries them.

The master of the cave and his priests and his aides believe that the death of Yemenis in his way is the natural and correct thing, and that their staying in their homes practicing the pleasures of life like the rest of the peoples of the earth is a crime that deserves a thousand battles and battles.

The men of the Mafia see in their members a value and there is no value for them without them, except for the Hashemite dynasty, for he sees in the lives of Yemenis and settled them what provokes him and drives him crazy and behind wars creating and pushing people to die for their sake, he makes war for the most trivial and greatest reasons, wars, blood and smoke of grilling bodies give him a smell An appetite in life, giving him some inner peace for his grumpy self.

Tribesmen are dying on the frontlines without asking about the usefulness of this war, and their families are dying there while they are looking for a gas cylinder or something to fill their souls for one day. While the family of the dynasty brings them the good things of Yemenis to their homes, reassuring. Have you seen one Hashemi Salali standing in line or writing that he does not have gas or oil for his car, or a poor man looking for a salary to feed his children?!

It is the curse of the profane dynasty, the curse of a thousand years since the first terrorist came to Saada, the curse of the Yemeni who believed in this superstition, accepted it or hoped for it. As for the grievous back, to see a Yemeni donkey pulsing with blood in his veins and admitting that he is just a rat-wag in the protection of this rotten myth and a staunch fighter in its path..!!

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