For those who moan with crocodile tears


There are still men in al-Abdiyyah and al-Juba who swallow the tails of the priests of the Tabaristan Imamate from the cups of their servers that are bent in the buttocks of their gunshots.

To the spectators with their mouths wide open from afar:

You can offer something to support the heroes whose resolve has not been broken for a moment, and know that they will not despair or lose their strength because they know that today’s battle is either victory and victory or disgrace and humiliation.

There is no room today in the dictionaries of the free for anything but stability and the arrangement of papers and the ranks of the university in preparation for the launch and the replay of the ball again, there is no better moment than this time to advance towards Sana’a from various regions, effort, guilt, support, spirit and summary of the Imamate priesthood with its equipment and equipment trying to break the will, freedom and dignity of slavery and Murad, which It represents the will, dignity and freedom of Greater Yemen.

There is no excuse before history, consciences, dignity and honor other than something called betrayal.

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