Foragers… the distance is zero


At dawn yesterday, Tuesday, the fifth of October, the slopes of the mountains overlooking Alfa, south of Ma’rib governorate, were the scene of a fierce confrontational battle after large numbers of Houthi groups infiltrated across the slopes trying to control the ruling peaks.

However, as soon as the Houthi groups arrived, the angry guns fired at them inside the Mahaji (sites) and the first Houthi groups fell after zero-distance clashes. Our heroes were separated from the enemy only a few meters and many and dense bullets.

After the destruction of the first line inside the sites, the heroes began to burn the slopes and the Houthi regiments on them, and the violent confrontations lasted for more than five hours, all at the top and the slope. As for the asphalt line and the bottom of the valley, the clashes were more fierce and violent.

At the same moment – at dawn – in which the battle of the summit and slope erupted, the enemy regiments tried to advance across the asphalt line and across the valley, but our heroes hurried towards the enemy’s movements and clashed with his groups with valor and courage, and the fire approached each other until the war was almost fought with guns without shooting.

After five hours of fierce fighting, the will of our heroes triumphed, after righteous martyrs rose from among them, and to God the youth of the Murad tribe, greetings and peace to their angry guns that extinguished the noise of the Houthi regiments and shattered their dreams.

The Houthi enemy is still intensifying its artillery bombardment and sending more human regiments trying to make a breakthrough, but they collide with the fervor of war and crash on the walls of the battle.

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