Foreign exchange rates against the Yemeni riyal this morning, Sunday


The Yemeni riyal witnessed an unprecedented collapse against foreign currencies, in the temporary capital, Aden, on Saturday morning, while foreign exchange rates in Sanaa witnessed relative stability against the Yemeni riyal.

“The Yemeni scene” publishes the latest updates on foreign exchange rates against the Yemeni riyal, this morning, Sunday, October 10, 2021 AD, which came as follows:

Currency rates in Sana’a

U.S. dollar

buy = 600 riyals

Selling = 602 riyals

Saudi riyal

Purchase = 158 riyals

Selling = 158.5 riyals

Currency rates in Aden

U.S. dollar

Purchase = 1212 riyals

Sale = 1219 riyals

Saudi riyal

Purchase = 318 riyals

Selling = 320 riyals

Knowing that exchange rates are not fixed and subject to change at any time and vary from one exchanger to another at varying rates

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