Formation of a council to lead the resistance in Tihama away from the joint forces..and revealing the identity of its leaders


Media sources revealed arrangements to form a support council to support the brigades of the Tihama Resistance Forces stationed in southern Hodeidah, western Yemen.

A Tuhami source told Yemen Shabab TV, “The Tihama forces, headed by the Tihama National Council, the Peaceful Movement, and party and social entities, are working to form a popular support council to support the Tuhami resistance, which is engaged in battles with the Houthi coup militia in the districts of Tuhayta and Hays.”

The source explained that the council, which will be announced soon, will supply the fronts with human and material support, after the withdrawal of the joint forces from the outskirts of the city of Hodeidah, and withdrew all their equipment to Al-Khoukha and Mocha (south).

On the identity of the council’s leaders, the source stressed that “large Tihamia leaders will be at the head of the council, which is expected to coordinate its efforts with the Hodeidah military axis.”

This comes days after the sudden withdrawal of the joint forces from a number of areas in Hodeidah Governorate, and the Houthi militia took control of them without a fight.

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