From the line of fire on the southern front in Marib..disclosure of the latest developments in the field of battles


Military and field sources revealed the latest field and military developments in the battles waged by the National Army and the popular resistance against the Houthi coup militia in Ma’rib Governorate (eastern Yemen).

The war correspondent, Abd al-Ilah al-Buri, said that the southern front in Marib has turned into a barricade war or a constant war between government forces and the Houthi militia.

Al-Buri, who is in the line of fire, added that the battles are taking place on the southern front in Marib, day and night, in the same locations and barricades, and their days and black nights are similar.

He stressed the absence of any field developments in the battles, and said that there is nothing new in the southern front in Marib except the destruction of more Houthi regiments and structures.

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