From the valleys of Marib and the deserts of Al-Jawf, which witness decisive battles, to the brave ones on the fronts of Al-Hudaydah and Taiz


From the blazing fronts of Ma’rib and the borders of Al-Jawf, accompanied by those who feel that victory is around the corner and that the flood of liberation is coming from every crack, even if the pressure is on Ma’rib, even if the Houthi crowd does not stop and the battle does not subside,

With men who preferred to live in the harsh deserts of the country and its high mountains, even though the war in its climax robs them of the most beautiful of their lives, and of their truest companions, and of their ages that go quickly while they are on a long and tiring path.

Days forced them to continue even if they were bleeding from beginning to end, but with their arms victory will come and Iran and its sinners will be defeated by the permission of the Most Merciful.

From the valleys of Ma’rib and the deserts of Al-Jawf, which witness heroic epics and decisive battles, to the brave on the fronts of Hodeidah, Taiz and western Yemen, as a whole, our hearts are with you and our guns, and victory for you and defeat for the priestly enemy, and the eyes of cowards never sleep.

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