General Al-Ahmar stresses the need to close ranks in the face of the Houthi militia


The Vice President of the Republic, Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Ali Mohsen Saleh, stressed the need to close ranks and unite to protect the Yemeni identity and to miss all opportunities that the Houthi militias are working on.

General Al-Ahmar said that the practices of the Houthi coup militias against the Yemeni people and against the people inside and outside, and their continuation of their various crimes, and their involvement in the people in absurd battles under sectarian, regional and dynastic slogans, require everyone to close ranks and unite to protect the Yemeni identity.

During two phone calls he had with Minister of Defense Lieutenant-General Muhammad al-Maqdashi and Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Saghir bin Aziz, he was briefed on the conduct of military and combat operations and the conditions of the heroic fighters stationed in various fields of glory and honor against the Iranian Houthi coup militia.

During the two calls, the Vice President listened to a summary of the conduct of the military and combat operations and the heroism offered by the members of the armed forces and the honorable men of resistance in the fields of freedom and dignity to liberate every inch of Yemen’s land and defend national gains.

He praised the heroic and militant stances embodied by the heroes on the various fronts and fields of sacrifice and redemption, and with their pure blood they mark the milestones of victory, praising the role of the Alliance to Support Legitimacy under the leadership of sisterly Saudi Arabia and their continuous support for the armed forces and the Yemeni people in the battle of common defense and a single Arab destiny.

He expressed his condemnation and denunciation of the Houthi militia’s targeting with drones and ballistic missiles of populated areas, civilian objects and vital installations in Yemen and the Kingdom, the latest of which was the launching of missiles towards neighborhoods in the city of Marib and targeting Abha Civil Airport in Saudi Arabia, noting that the continuation of these attacks and threats is one of the facts that prove the continuation of Iran’s unlimited support. to carry out these terrorist attacks.

For their part, the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff expressed his thanks and appreciation for the follow-up of the political and military leadership and its continuous interest in the conditions and conditions of the heroic fighters stationed on the various fronts of glory and honor, stressing that the armed forces and with them the sons of Yemen continue in the national battle until victory is achieved and the Iranian militias are defeated and their terrorist plans thwart.

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