“George” is one of us, Ahl al-Bayt!!


In the battles to liberate the homelands and liberate their people from the oppression of the colonial tyrant, the tyrants resort to what they justify and support their crimes and terrorism, and even went further. in their crime and terrorism.

Qardahi’s words did not come by accident, but remained engorged in his chest after he received them from the master of the suburbs and the guard of the borders of Israel, disrupting all forms of stability in Lebanon by order of Iran. The mantle of the “disrupting party” is its nationalism and its position based on expediency and servanthood.

Perhaps the downfall of George took a large space and size that exceeded George and his position, but his downfall was only in the context of American policy, which some of its officials stated that the slogans of the Houthi gang (Death to America) are nothing but fleeting sayings and the assertion that the Houthis are not a terrorist group and the cancellation of a decision describing it as such. George’s sympathy and praise for the Houthi militia was only in line with the British position, which struggles to humanize the Houthi dynastic council, whitewash its crimes, and legitimize the entire movement. All forms of survival at the expense of the blood of the Yemeni people.

It was natural for militia figures to welcome Christian George’s statements and to associate his name with loyalty and allegiance to the side of her imams from their family and to pray for him in the Friday sermon and to add to him the title (Al-Hadi Qardahi, peace be upon him). It is not strange to build a dome over his grave and make it a shrine and write on it The dome of Imam George, may God sanctify his secret) just as the Imams of al-Houthi in Kashan, Iran, made a shrine from the tomb of Abu Lulu’ al-Majusi, the killer of al-Faruq Umar, may God be pleased with him, and wrote on it (Baba Shuja al-Din)

Certainly, absurdity and ugliness is what George al-Din Qardahi and other Qardaha have said, including Muslims, Jews, Christians, jinn and humans. However, the ugliest ugliness is the state of political weakness and diplomatic slackness of authority, weakness and regional, international and international complicity that hinders the overthrow of the coup and the return of the full-fledged republic with all its institutions, which is what motivated those Qardahah To say and wading and tampering and falsehood and slander.

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