Germany sends an important invitation to the Houthi militia


Today, Wednesday, Germany renewed its call for the Houthi militia in Yemen to return to the political talks table.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Denis Kometat confirmed in a tweet on his Twitter account that his country condemns the Houthi attacks on Marib, in reference to the attack that targeted Al-Rawda neighborhood, which killed a number of people, including two children.

“It is time to end the Houthi military offensive and resume political talks under the umbrella of the United Nations,” he added.

And German Deputy Foreign Minister Miguel Berger had indicated in an interview yesterday with Al-Arabiya that his country supports the efforts of the United Nations to reach an agreement that ends the conflict in Yemen.

It is noteworthy that the missile attack that hit the strategic Yemeni city of Marib on Sunday, killed a woman and two children and wounded at least 30 others, according to military sources.

The sources also told AFP at the time that two Houthi missile strikes hit a residential area in the city, adding that among the wounded were six women and five children.

One of the missiles targeted the house of the Army’s Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant-General Saghir Hammoud bin Aziz, while the second missile hit nearby civilian houses.

It is noteworthy that the Houthis have escalated their efforts to control Marib since last February, despite all international calls to stop this attack on the governorate, which houses thousands of displaced people.

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