Glove in the land of Yemen!


It is clear that George Qardahi did not differentiate while speaking on one of the television programs recently, between speaking on any program as a well-known journalist, and speaking on the same program as Minister of Information in Najib Mikati’s Lebanese government!

If he had said what he said about the war in Yemen as a media person and only, no one would have stopped at his words because he would have been taken as a personal opinion and nothing more!

But because he is a minister of information in a government that was painstakingly formed in the Lebanese capital, his speech caused a big problem whose scope is still expanding between Lebanon and the six Arab Gulf states.. The problem did not stop at the borders of Saudi Arabia, which is more concerned with the ongoing war in Yemen than with the five countries. remaining!.

From what “Qardahi” said, the Yemeni Houthi group is defending itself in Yemen against the Arab coalition forces led by Riyadh, and that what the group is being exposed to is an attack on it and on Yemen by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.. If this is his opinion, then he has the right to believe in it, And to adopt it, and to announce it, within his personal limits.. But it is not his right to believe in it, adopt it, or announce it, as Minister of Information in Beirut, for nothing, except because “Mikati” found himself compelled to announce that what was announced on the lips of The Minister of Information does not represent or express the Lebanese government.

The Lebanese Minister of Information hardly announced what he announced, until Nayef Al-Hajraf, the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, issued a statement rejecting what was said completely.. This means that the rejection of “Al-Hajraf” is in fact a rejection at the level of six Gulf capitals, starting with the Sultanate of Oman. In the south of the Gulf, and up to Kuwait in the far north! .. Hours after the statement of the Secretary-General of the Council, the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques summoned the Lebanese ambassador in Riyadh, and handed him an official protest, and so did the government in Abu Dhabi!

The fact that “Qardahi” jumped over is that the Houthi group in Yemen is just a glove behind which an Iranian hand is hiding, outstretched in tampering with the Yemeni lands. The link between the sea and the Gulf of Aden, which is open to the Indian Ocean for a third time!.. He jumped over all of this, and did not want to see the truth that says that the Houthi group is nothing but a branch of an asset in Tehran!

The Iranian political project in the region is not against the Gulf alone, but it is a project against an entire Arab region, and the owner of the destructive project does not hide this, but rather says and declares it!

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