Good evening, Ma’rib


Since I arrived in Marib, not a day has passed without a day of meeting with civil and military leaders… sheikhs, journalists, activists, citizens, soldiers… I swear to God, I do not know who the reformist or the conference is except for those I knew beforehand… Everyone had their guns on their shoulders, everyone was talking about the fronts, About the Houthi threat, about unifying the ranks, about a fateful battle… Nothing in their talk suggests their party affiliation.

There may be partisan quarrels and disagreement of views, and this is the nature of any vital governorate that is not closed to a particular party and includes in its composition all shades and trends, but the thing that is not in dispute is defending this city and dying in defense of it not because they belong to it, as many of its residents and fighters belong to other governorates.

You do not find in the dictionaries of this province any of the slogans of the region, even as if you see on one table in the hall of any restaurant or between the walls of any transporter, the Great Yemen with all its regions and affiliations, and that is why everyone fights to defend it, and that is why we do not exaggerate when we say Ma’rib is the fortress of the Great Yemen and the guardian of its identity His republic and his dignity.

Those inside and those on the fronts have a goal and one cause..there is no dispute between them..because they know the meaning of sacrificing your blood and soul for the sake of your cause, the meaning of your armor and your residence at the front, the meaning of leaving your home with your weapon on your shoulder, you do not know whether you return to your children or not, the meaning of respecting the sacrifices and labors of others. Their sufferings are shared by all.

Only the dispute inhabits the caf├ęs of the streets of the capitals of the diaspora, the bedrooms of the land brokers, and the display in the suites of hotels and chalets in the Arab and European countries. On the inside, the fronts are one fate that unites their leadership and fighters, a grave or victory. The cities are suffering, hunger, oppression and injustice, and one unites their residents..there is nothing to disagree on..the Houthi stole everything from them..we all robbed everything.

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