“Government Zero” goes beyond “After Negative”


Muhammad al-Raba described the government of Dr. Moeen Abdul-Malik as the zero government, justifying that expression through a television interview with Mueen Abdul-Malik on Al-Arabiya channel. He said that he agreed with President Hadi to start from scratch in order to be able to tackle the economic crisis, which was the price of the riyal when Muin assumed the premiership of 130 riyals in exchange for the Saudi.

A certain failure to continue with the zero state, which he claimed to start from without real progress by overcoming the rapid collapse of the currency and the economy, to collapse the zero beyond the negative, a catastrophic failure that accompanied the government of Dr. Muin in saving the country from a collapse that exceeded all economic and political calculations.

He also failed to manage the political crisis and address the security imbalances, which made him almost an irresponsible observer in many of the files that Yemen is witnessing.

The citizen suffers from a stifling crisis in terms of fuel and electricity, and with the price of goods insanely high as a result of the failure of a certain government, which the Adani citizen describes as the government of teenagers who have no experience, no administrative or political background, to address the crises that are hindering their normal lives.

Moin was not satisfied with the collapse of the national currency under his administration, but Moin and his government lost the confidence of the citizen, who kept waiting for the return of the government to alleviate his suffering, so that the citizen discovered that the government is powerless and that the prime minister is unaware of his responsibility and how to run a country that is concerned with everything he is exposed to from Crises and calamities Moein could not comprehend that he is a prime minister and not an employee who carries out directives and dictates imposed on him at the expense of a people who gave him confidence and betrayed their trust.

I feel the difficulty of how Muin Abdul-Malik thinks while watching the difficult economic situation and did not offer any solutions or show any interest towards the citizen.

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