“Gulf YouTuber” raises one million dollars for “Yemen refugees” in record time


Kuwaiti YouTuber Hassan Salman, known as “Abu Fella”, managed within 28 hours to raise one million US dollars to help Yemeni and Syrian refugees during the winter season.

On the occasion of crossing the barrier of 20 million followers on his YouTube channel, Abu Fella launched the #WarmtheirHearts campaign, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The campaign aimed to provide blankets and heating supplies during the winter to more than 17,000 refugees and displaced people from Yemen and Syria, according to what Abu Fallah announced on his YouTube channel.

A few months ago, Abu Falla announced the success of a charitable campaign that he led, in cooperation with the Direct Aid Foundation, to build a dispensary in Yemen at a total cost of $155,000 thousand.

Abu Fallah, who is 23 years old, owns a YouTube channel with the same name, and launched his YouTube content industry in 2016. He has nearly 20.6 million subscribers to the channel, whose total views are 2.7 billion and 700 million.

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