Hadramout…the second batch of university graduates graduated from the Police College (photos)


Today, the Governor of Hadhramaut, Commander of the Second Military Region, Major General Faraj Salmin Al-Bahsani, witnessed the graduation ceremony of the second batch of university students (special section), for the year 2020-2021, from the Hadhramaut Police College.

In the ceremony, which began with the Republican Peace, the Governor of Hadhramaut gave a speech, at the beginning of which he raised the greetings, congratulations and blessings of His Excellency President Field Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Security, with the graduation of this new batch, which in turn will enhance the level of security and stability and will provide the governorates of Hadhramaut, Shabwa, Mahra and Socotra with security cadres And conditional to achieve more security and stability, stressing the interest of His Excellency the President in Hadhramaut through the issuance of a decision to establish this college and academic edifice, and to follow up the leadership of the local authority in the governorate until the completion of the first and second phases and the start soon of construction work in the third phase of the college buildings.

Governor Al-Bahsani indicated that this new batch’s graduation ceremony coincides with our country’s celebrations of the 14th of October, which opened up horizons for the country, after passing through difficult turns. against the legitimate government, urging graduates from Shabwa governorate to play an active role in the battles against the Houthi coup militia to reduce the dangers of these militias and confront their expansion project.

The Governor of Hadhramaut condemned and denounced in the strongest terms the terrorist acts carried out by outlaw groups in the temporary capital of Aden and in the city of Seiyun in the Hadhramaut governorate, whose treacherous and cowardly actions express their efforts to destroy what has been achieved in the liberated governorates, stressing on taking precautions and taking careful measures to avoid any Losses, and the governor said: “The intelligence, military and security services, with the support of the citizens, have proven their strength by thwarting many terrorist sabotage acts, and that a new group planning to destabilize security and stability will be announced, and it has been arrested in Mukalla.”

He praised the efforts of the Hadhramaut Police College leadership to advance the academic edifice and its continuous and continuous follow-up, in an effort to provide the governorates of Hadramawt, Shabwa, Mahra and Socotra with security and police cadres. The college, and Governor Al-Bahsani valued the support and assistance of the Arab coalition forces led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to the Police College and the military and security institutions.

Expressing his pride and pride in the discipline of this batch through its high level of review and high morale, which reflects the seriousness and strength of training during the study period, congratulating the students on their graduation from the Police College, and congratulating them on the issuance of Republican Decree No. It promoted 63 students to the rank of second lieutenant, and renewed the interest of the local authority leadership in improving the lives and livelihoods of officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers in the army and security.

In turn, the Director of the Police College in Hadhramaut, Brigadier General Salem Abdullah Al-Khanbashi, explained that the second batch of the special section has completed its courses, as many have received a lot of legal and police knowledge, indicating that the students of the general section will continue their studies until they complete all the courses, calling on all graduates to be role models. The good is to represent this college, which was established in the conditions of a war that the country is going through, and by a decision of the President of the Republic and with the follow-up and support of the Governor of Hadhramaut for the continuation of the construction process in the stages of the college buildings.

The ceremony included a majestic military parade for the students of the college in its private and public departments, as well as the ceremonies handing over leadership by the second batch of university students to the next batch in the general department. In the end, the top graduates were honored.

It is worth noting that the success rate of the second batch graduates was 100%, with 28 students rated as Excellent, 33 students rated very good, and two students graded Good.

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