Hadramout Valley agent directs to support oil derivatives in the valley and keep the selling price at 600 per liter


Issam Al Kathiri, Hadhramaut Governorate Undersecretary for Hadramout Valley and Desert Directorates, announced the readiness of the local authority in the valley to provide support for oil derivatives and not to accept any future increase.

Sources close to the agent of the valley said that Al-Kathiri directed the oil company in the valley not to raise the price of diesel and petroleum and to keep the selling price at 600 riyals, provided that the local authority in the valley pays the difference.

Al-Kathiri stressed that citizens are no longer able to pay these increases and will not bear any additional hikes in fuel prices, stressing that urgent solutions must be developed by the presidency and the government for the file of oil derivatives.

Al Kathiri noted that the authority will bear the payment of hundreds of millions per day of the authority’s revenues for the difference in the price of oil and diesel, along with the financing of bread and roti subsidies.

The sources indicated that Al Kathiri said that the authority in the valley is seriously considering plans to provide some basic materials at a price lower than 50% for citizens, explaining that work is underway to arrange that plan.

The sources concluded by saying that Al Kathiri said that the local authority in Hadhramaut Valley will provide monthly financial aid to university students and disburse it directly to them, and this will be announced soon after completing some arrangements with the Student Union at Sayun University.

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