Happening now in Al-Juba district..Houthi militia seeks help after falling into a “trap” and “Apache” enters the battle line


The Saudi Air Force’s Apache helicopter intervened to thwart the infiltration of Houthi elements into the villages of Wasit in the Juba District of Marib Governorate, this afternoon.

A field source said, today, Wednesday, that “the militias that infiltrated the villages of Wasit in the Juba district are under siege and are seeking help from the citizens to get them out, after the Apache helicopter intervened on the battle line.”

And yesterday, media sources said, that the Apache helicopter had intervened on the front line between the Houthi militia in the Marib Governorate, between the Yemeni army and the tribes, and the Houthi rebels.

Previous sources added, “according to the Yemeni scene,” that the entry of the “Apache” into the battle would change its course significantly, and the strength of the Houthi opponent would be greatly weakened, and the ground pieces of armored vehicles or Sidon tankers would become easy and precious for their fire in the absence of air cover for the Houthi rebels, and the weakness of Sophisticated anti-aircraft systems, noting that entering the Apache will save the costs of hundreds of air strikes in a short time.

So far, there has been no official announcement or confirmation regarding the intervention of the “Apache” aircraft in the Marib battles, as its first participation was during the Saada border battles, early this year, according to media sources.

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