Hariri: The violence in Beirut today brought back memories of the civil war and the Lebanese Forces reject Hezbollah’s accusations


Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri said that the violence in the capital, Beirut, on Thursday “reminds people of the abhorrent civil war.”

He explained in a tweet that what happened today is “rejected by all standards, and condemned and condemned in the strongest terms and words.”

Hariri expressed his condolences to the families of the fallen victims, adding that he appeals to everyone to “adopt dialogue as a means to solve problems and refuse to be drawn into strife that may drag the country to unimaginable consequences.”

He also called on the army and security forces to “take maximum measures and measures to prevent all forms of shooting, arrest gunmen, protect civilians, prevent attacks on them, protect public and private property, and maintain civil peace.”

He continued, “Perhaps what happened today, with its ugliness, constitutes the awakening of everyone’s conscience by not playing with civil peace, respecting the constitution, implementing laws, and preserving the state and its institutions, which are incubators for all Lebanese.”

In the same context, the “Lebanese Forces” party rejected the accusations of attacking demonstrators supporting “Hezbollah” and the “Amal” movement in the capital, Beirut, on Thursday.

In a statement, the party denied the validity of the allegations of “Hezbollah” and “Amal”, who accused it earlier today of carrying out direct sniping operations against the demonstrators supporting them in the Tayouneh area, which left dead and wounded, saying: “The accusation of the “forces” is totally rejected, It is a false accusation and the purpose of it is to divert attention from Hezbollah’s invasion of this region and other regions in previous times.”

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