Harsh lessons and heavy losses.. New developments in the battles of the West Coast


The battles waged by the joint forces (the Tihama resistance) against the Houthi militia on the western coast front witnessed new developments, which resulted in the killing and wounding of dozens of fighters of the coup militias.

The military media of the joint forces said that the Houthi militia had incurred heavy human and material losses in clashes and focused strikes south of Hodeidah, in the past hours.

He pointed out that qualitative units of the joint forces clashed with militias affiliated with Iran with various weapons when they tried to penetrate areas outside the scope of Stockholm.

He confirmed the killing and wounding of dozens of militia members, the destruction of a number of crews and armored vehicles, and the forcing of the rest to flee, leaving behind a number of bodies.

He also confirmed that the artillery of the joint forces doubled the losses of the militias by bombing a center that achieved direct casualties in reinforcements and fixed targets.

Yesterday, Saturday, the joint forces taught the Houthi militia harsh lessons on three fronts south of Hodeidah.

It is noteworthy that the joint forces evacuated, on Wednesday and Thursday, their locations specified in the Stockholm Agreement, as part of a plan to rearrange the theater of operations and correct the national battle that the Yemeni people are waging to restore their state and confront the Iranian project.

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