Has movement stopped at King Abdullah Airport after two successive Houthi attacks? “Video”


Media sources revealed, at dawn on Saturday, the fact that air navigation and traffic had stopped at King Abdullah Airport in the Jazan region in southern Saudi Arabia.
Official Saudi media confirmed that movement is normal at King Abdullah Airport in Jizan, less than an hour after it was targeted by the terrorist Houthi militia.
A video clip published by the Saudi media showed a natural movement in the vicinity of the airport, and a natural presence of citizens near it.
According to the Saudi media, the Saudi citizens are not aware of the terrorist Houthi attempts to target the airport.
The Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced, at dawn on Saturday, that it repelled a new Houthi attack on King Abdullah Airport in the Jazan region, southern Saudi Arabia, and destroyed a second booby-trapped drone that tried to target civilians at King Abdullah Airport in Jizan.

On Friday evening, the coalition announced that a hostile projectile had landed on King Abdullah Airport in Jizan, launched by the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia.
The Arab coalition confirmed that there were 10 civilian casualties among passengers and airport workers, in addition to minor material damage and the shattering of some windows at the airport.

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