Has the Islah Party decided to take an “alternative homeland” in this country?


The individual is perplexed by reading pictures of senior statesmen and public figures (from the Islah Party) standing upright to take a picture at the time of casting an electoral vote in the Yemeni community elections in Turkey.

Is it nostalgia and a desire to return to electoral practices, or an announcement of despair of returning to the country and immersing itself in the course of an alternative homeland?

Did the election organizers stipulate in the participant that the individual be a permanent resident and not a passer-by holding a tourist visa in order to participate and vote?

Did the concept of the community change in the minds due to the war?

I do not want to offend anyone, nor do I want to engage in a cranky conversation, pointing fingers, and uttering verses of insults and treason. I am not of this type. I still seek a thousand excuses and excuses for each far from his homeland. But I actually realize day after day why we did not do what must be done to restore our stolen republic.

One day, Marwan al-Ghafuri became angry and wrote what Abdul-Malik al-Houthi meant, he is you, he is us. Al-Houthi is what we deserve. But many voices went to say that the Houthi is the Houthi because Hadi or the head of the government is at the head of the country. The truth is that within us there is a thousand Hadi and a thousand certain. We have a desire to escape from everything and to nowhere.

Everyone wishes that Saudi Arabia would withdraw from Yemen now, not because Al-Houthi will undoubtedly swallow up the country, but because he will find a justification to drop this exhausting fighting banner that he raises reluctantly and without purpose or goal and a snare for this defeat that he refuses to deal with seriously.

Some continue to fight because they cannot withdraw before the external ally reckons.

Years ago, I stood in line for a Turkish store cashier in Paris and heard the woman sitting on the cashier’s chair swear an oath to her grandson in Arabic and say: For the love of God and the love of the country. Her long years in her place and livelihood in Paris did not forget her the sacred homeland by which she swore.

The oath that we take will not have a covenant of honor unless we swear by the honor of a soldier in his garrison who is cold and has not received his salary for months.

As for the people of the alternative homeland, they are a page in our political life that is wet with complacency and insensitivity.

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