Hawala massacre: “liberated governorates” .. But people are not like that!!


The second year in a row is coming to an end, since the conspiracy of theft and looting of the Yemeni race and their toil and the workers’ meager wages began to aggravate successively until it exceeded the limit of madness and superstition.

Tens or even hundreds of thousands of workers and displaced people across hundreds of Yemeni regions, administrative centers and cities in the south, east and west are paying the blood of their hearts before their money as transfer fees, while the share of their children and families from the monthly alimony has been decreasing and eroding to the account of the authority and power of a militia that many people share in its service and serving for it through a network of Thieves, wage-earners and forced labour, regardless of their roles, and their relationship to subjugating other Yemenis in the liberated areas, and subjecting them and their income to serving Iran’s servants.

The fees for internal transfers between the Yemeni governorates from the legitimate areas to the Houthi militia-controlled areas exceeded more than 100%. Yemeni workers now pay one hundred thousand and one thousand riyals for every one hundred thousand riyals.

The outrageous difference in the value of the currency and internal remittance fees has become, with continuity and aggravation, an advanced war front that the Houthi militia is working on, in return for ignoring and abandoning the legitimate authorities who left citizens and workers prey to the Houthis.

Exchange differences and the mythical fees for remittances (more than 100%) consume most of the income and wages of workers and the displaced.

Yemeni elites and activists in the media and communication sites exercise an excessive disregard for the bleeding and suffering of workers and toilers under the wheels of an immoral partnership between networks of money changers, officials, brokers, and the Houthis. The hawala massacre is a scandalous touchstone.

The struggle is humane and starts from the sweat of the worker and the wages of the toiler on his children. Nidal’s diary on the sidelines of people’s diaries is a solitary luxury that transforms the Yemeni battle into theoretical polemics in virtual reality. The massacre of remittances scandalous revealing.

There are at least hundreds of organizations (humanitarian!) that have reproduced and reproduced on the sidelines of the war, starting as they continue and ending with statements and blogs, and they fail to adopt and publicize a true humanitarian cause; The suffering of Yemeni workers and toilers under the guillotine remittances.

In the end, this silent side war provides fabulous revenues that flow into the pockets of the Houthis from cities and fields of work, toil, jihad and struggle of the Yemenis.

The liberated areas (..), but people, markets and livelihoods are not.

There is no one, no party, authority, government or legitimacy to protect people from this injustice and aggression and from this protected and served massacre with the complicity, cowardice and silence of all.

Get angry, get angry, people, for people and for you.

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