He appeared with people from the “Murad” tribe… “Al-Bakhiti” announces that he survived an assassination attempt


The leader of the Houthi militia and the governor of Dhamar, Muhammad Al-Bakhiti, revealed, on Saturday, that he survived an assassination attempt by the Arab coalition aircraft, as he described it.

Al-Bakhiti said in a post on his Facebook page: “He visited the Murad tribe to pardon six detainees convicted of monitoring my movement for the benefit of the aggression aircraft, as he described it during a previous visit.”

Al-Bakhiti added: “I was received by Sheikh Ali Nasser Abu Isha, Sheikh Talib Al-Qardei, Sheikh Saeed Ali Buhaibah, Sheikh Jalal Hussein Hazeb, Sheikh Saleh Al-Ahmadi, as well as the director of the directorate, Sheikh Nasser Thawabeh.”

Activists mocked Al-Bakhiti’s allegations, stressing that he was courting Murad’s sons, stressing that Murad’s sons would not be satisfied with the Houthi rule even if he visited the grave of the great Yemeni revolutionary Ali Nasser Al-Qardei.

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