He flirted with her privately.. A famous Saudi star re-attacked a “citizen” after he mocked her


The star of Saudi social networking sites, Amal Al-Shahrani, attacked her compatriot, Yasser Al-Faisal, after the latter mocked her, against the background of a video clip of “Al-Shahrani”.

Yasser Al-Faisal had mocked a video of a filming session by Amal Al-Shahrani and her American lover, through his account on the “Twitter” networking site, commenting: “Make it like a kitten.

The Saudi celebrity, later, came out, through a video broadcast on her account on “Snapchat”, denouncing the “Al-Faisal” attack on her, stressing that he “needs to visit a doctor, instead of chasing after the famous”, also hinting at his return to “flirt with her” in private, in The time he criticizes her.

Al-Shahrani threatened her compatriot, Yasser Al-Faisal, to reveal his scandals if he continued to attack her, accusing him of seeking fame by mentioning her.

In response to Al-Faisal’s tweet, she said: “Yasser Al-Faisal, what are you up to! I slept and dreamed of me (..) The spirit of walking the doctor treats you, I didn’t let you flirt with her twice, believing that she was a chick, they knocked on your butt I am a chick, I am the elegant lady, they knocked on your butt, I am the graceful, they knocked on your butt, and you no longer flirt with me privately, don’t let me out Your scandals, we brought them up in the first and we will show them in the next, and I do not miss you (..).”

This is not the first time that Amal Al-Shahrani has launched an attack on “Al-Faisal”, as the latter had previously criticized it.

Al-Shahrani documented her accusation of Al-Faisal, who dates back to a year ago, of flirting with her privately while criticizing her, as previously a conversation spread through an application, it was said that it belongs to both Al-Shahrani and Al-Faisal, and he is trying to get close to her.

The photo session, which was published by Yasser Al-Faisal on his account on “Twitter” yesterday, Thursday, to the end of September, when Amal Al-Shahrani published it through her account on “Instagram”.

Saudi Arabia, residing in the United States, Amal Al-Shahrani, faces constant criticism from its citizens, as they accuse her of behavior that violates the customs and traditions of the Kingdom.

Amal Al-Shahrani had previously announced that she “resides with a foreign man without marrying him, stressing that she does not see the matter as a problem.”

The 41-year-old Saudi celebrity was originally from the Qassim region, where she later went to the United States to pursue her university studies, at a time when news spread of her escape and asylum in the United States.

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