He said that “Slavery will adjust the scales of the battle, and Khamenei will swallow poison.” Al-Awadi sends an urgent message to the “legitimacy” and the “coalition”, and the latter responds hours later.


Today, Monday, the former governor of Al-Jawf Governorate, Major General Hussein Al-Aji Al-Awadi, sent an urgent and open message to the legitimacy and the Arab coalition supporting legitimacy in Yemen.

In his message, which he briefed on “The Yemeni Scene”, he stressed the importance of breaking the siege on Abdiya, Marib Governorate, imposed by the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

He noted that this would modify the scales of the battle in favor of legitimacy and the alliance, and that the Iranian guide, Ali Khamenei, would swallow poison, as his predecessor did in the Iraq war.

He added: “Slavery is suffocating, slavery is besieged, slavery bleeds a lot and precious blood, slavery is crying out, and in return the heroes of slavery write the most wonderful national epics with their pure blood, their morale and their heads embrace the sky, and they have the will and determination to fight and sacrifice, but this is not enough … without breaking the siege imposed on the Directorate From all sides, and the arrival of the necessary support and duration.”

He continued: Al-Abdiyyah, with its geographical location, is the only place through which you can adjust the scales of the battle.

And he added: “Oh, our brothers in the leadership of legitimacy and the coalition, either you have a panic that breaks the siege and strengthens the situation, or you negotiate to secure the citizens and the exit of fighters to contribute to the defense of the provincial capital, and the war is catastrophic, and the battle is long and continuous between us and Persia.”

He concluded by saying: I am confident that just as Khomeini drank the cup of poison in the battle of Al-Faw and before him Kisra in the battle of Al-Qadisiyah, Khamenei will drink the cup of poison because our nation, even if it is weakened at any moment, but it possesses a stock of civilization, belief and will that enables it to defeat its enemies.

This comes as the Arab coalition simultaneously announced its support for the Yemeni army and tribesmen in lifting the siege on civilians in Abdiya, which the Houthi militia has imposed a siege on for twenty days.

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