He said: They will call us on the Day of Resurrection by the names of our mothers.. Is this true?!


I once published a post about the fact that some are ashamed to mention their mother’s name, and it is considered a defect to mention the mother’s name, so many interacted with that, but I was surprised that some people entered and wanted to support the topic and add in the subtraction to enhance the meaning, he put more than one saying : Why are we ashamed of our mothers’ names when we will be called on the Day of Resurrection by the names of our mothers..and who said that? Who said that on the Day of Resurrection we will call out the names of our mothers? Nobody knows, but they heard from people.

Do you know what it means for a man to be called after his mother? This means that all women and all mothers are accused in terms of origin, and God forbid that he does that, and this matter is only promoted by charlatans, because they never ask about the name of the man and the name of his father, but rather they ask for the name of the man and the name of his mother, because they They are suspicious of all women and accuse them..

As for God Almighty, He has written a rule for us in His Noble Book, saying: “Call them to their fathers, for he is fairest in the sight of God.” Islam requires us to call people by the most beloved names to them.. He does..and we must review some of the heritage we have, because some things we believe in and it is a myth that came to us from charlatans, and some consider it a religion and argue about it..Do not argue about anything and you do not have sufficient knowledge and evidence..

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