He spoke of a major setback.. “Al-Tohamy Movement” issues an urgent statement regarding the fall of “Stockholm” and the withdrawal of the joint forces


Today, Sunday, the peaceful Tuhami movement issued an urgent statement regarding dropping the “Stockholm Agreement” after the major setback that prompted the Houthi militia to persist recklessly, three days after the sudden withdrawal of the joint forces.

In an official statement, he called on the legitimate government to announce the fall of the Stockholm Agreement as a result of the Houthi practices that accompanied the unjustified unilateral withdrawal; Issuing a clear political position considers the Stockholm Agreement as if it were not after this major setback that prompted the Houthi militia to persistence reckless.

He called on all the people of Tihama and their free brothers from across Yemen to stand firm and line up, and we say to them: You are the ones who have resisted and liberated these areas, and you can recover them and defeat the Houthi terrorist militia.

And he added: Rejoice, then rejoice, then rejoice, for the extensions will come to you very soon; Separate your ranks, unite your words, unify your opinion, be on the heart of one man, leave differences aside, and make your goal the liberation of Tihama, so stand firm and persevere, and victory is your ally, God willing.

And he continued: Just as you won victory in the past, it will ally with you recently and forever, because you are on the right and defend your land, your religion and your faith, and on your hands the myth of these militias has been broken and will end forever, and there is no place for traitorous climbers in the land of Tihama Al-Abya.

He appealed to the Arab coalition to take a firm stance towards what happened, and condemned what happened.

The international community, led by the United Nations and its UN envoy, held all humanitarian responsibility for the catastrophic humanitarian repercussions that occurred and are occurring as a result of turning a blind eye to this reckless violation of the Houthi terrorist group and those behind it.

The joint forces on the West Coast had said that the decision to redeploy was part of the national battle that it had started and in which it exerted the most precious and precious to confront the dangers that threaten the security of the homeland, the Yemeni citizen, and the Arab national security.

It stressed that it took this decision in light of the redeployment plan specified in the (Stockholm) Agreement, which the legitimate government adheres to implementing despite the Houthi militia’s violations of the agreement.

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