He talked about the “Hashemite guardianship” .. King Abdullah: Jordan will remain resilient to the “futility of the absurd”


Jordan’s King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein affirmed that his country will not allow anyone to interfere in or bargain with its national decision, stressing that the kingdom “will remain immune to the absurdities of abusers.”

This came in a speech by King Abdullah during the opening of the first regular session of the 19th National Assembly, on Monday.

Speaking about the guardianship of religious holy sites in Jerusalem, the Jordanian monarch said, “The Hashemite guardianship is a trust that I am honored to bear, to protect and care for Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem. This is our commitment to our principles, our history and our Hashemite heritage, and the embodiment of our free will and our national decision, which we do not allow anyone to interfere in or bargain with us.”

He added that Jordan “is facing a new stage in the process of comprehensive modernization, to achieve the future that our people and nation deserve.”

And he added, “This free country, which has completed a hundred years of its life and is protected by a modern and advanced constitution, will remain immune to the tampering of the frivolous and the ambitions of the greedy,” as he described it.

He explained, “Jordan’s strength is its mainstay of security and stability. Our homeland is protected by an army and professional security services.”

The King called on Jordanians to “be keen to preserve the state’s sovereign, religious, educational and oversight institutions from partisan bickering, so that they remain a shield for the homeland and citizens, without politicization or partisanship, and in protecting the constitution and its texts.”

The Jordanian monarch also addressed the modernization of the country’s political system, as a committee was formed for this purpose, and its work resulted in constitutional and legal amendments.

The king said, “During the past months, we have witnessed great efforts to modernize the political system, which are appreciated and thankful efforts to the committee that we have been assigned with this task, within a more comprehensive framework of economic and administrative modernization that the government is working on.”

He stressed “the great responsibility of the National Assembly to discuss and approve the electoral and political party laws, and the constitutional amendments submitted by the government to the parliament, with the aim of creating an environment incubating partisan life, to form future parliaments, so that youth and women have a prominent role in them.”

The King stressed “the necessity of cooperation between all authorities, within the framework of the flexible separation established by the constitution between them, to move forward in the paths of modernization and development.”

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