“He will not win” .. “Bhaibah” announces the opening of the Houthis to a new battle


Major General Mufreh Buhaibah, commander of the Baihan axis, commander of the 26th Infantry Brigade, announced that the Houthi enemy had opened a new battle over 60 km, and he thought that he would achieve his goal and bypass the region, but his efforts were dashed by the solidity of the army, the resistance and the tribesmen, and he will remain powerless in the face of the strikes of the heroes.

Buhaibah added, in a video statement to the Armed Forces Media Center, that the Yemeni army, the popular resistance, tribes and citizens of all their orientations are waging a battle for history today, in defense of land, honor, religion and dignity.

He said: We defend our dignity, our honor and our religion, and we did not attack anyone, nor did we violate anyone’s honor. Al-Houthi is the one who assaults and violates people’s dignity and destroys the country, and these practices are known throughout his history and the history of his ancestors.

He added: We do not fear death, and we will defend religion, dignity and honor at all costs, and death is dearer to us than life under the rule of slavery, injustice and priesthood.

He praised the heroism and sacrifices made by the fighters on the various fronts. Addressing them, he said: “Thank you, I accept the dirt under your feet… Today you are writing history and making glory.”

He saluted the great societal mobilization around the army forces by the citizens and tribesmen for whom there is no home but as a martyr in the battle to defend the homeland and dignity.

The leader of the Baihan axis called on everyone to unite the national ranks “for our dignity, our religion, our revolution and our country”… stressing that the dangerous situation requires all of us to transcend minorities and then we will discuss among ourselves.

And he said: Unless we accept each other, we will all lose. Al-Houthi accepts nothing but to be a master and we are slaves, and this logic we overcame and those who preceded us fought him, and none of them were in Mahzam but 10 bullets, and he put a stone on his stomach from hunger, but today we have the capabilities that we have been fighting with for years .

He called on the citizens in the Houthi-occupied areas to protect themselves and their children and not to perish on the side of the Houthis. Addressing the deceived, he said: “Go back to your senses…Go back to the ranks of the nation and the fold of the republic.. Al-Houthi will not win,” and that victory will be the ally of the army, the resistance, and the free people of Yemen.

The commander of the Baihan axis saluted the political and military leadership represented by His Excellency the President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi. Appreciating the direct support and backing of the coalition to support legitimacy led by the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which offers dearly and preciously to support the battle of Arabism against the henchmen of Iran.

This comes after the Yemeni army recaptured sites in the Murad district, south of the oil-rich Marib Governorate.

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