“Hezbollah” undermines Lebanon’s security and stability…America comments on the Beirut events


The US State Department attacked the Lebanese “Hezbollah”, accusing the party of “undermining the security, stability and sovereignty of Lebanon”, against the backdrop of the violent events that took place Thursday in Beirut.

“We join the Lebanese authorities in their call for de-escalation and lowering of tensions. The integrity and future of democracy in Lebanon depend on the ability of its citizens to address difficult issues with confidence in the rule of law and peaceful dialogue,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said during a Thursday evening news conference.

The State Department spokesman continued: “We oppose intimidation and threats of violence against the judiciary in any country and support the independence of the judiciary in Lebanon, stressing that judges must be free from violence and threats, and they must be free from intimidation, including intimidation by Hezbollah.” “.

He stressed, “We have always emphasized with clarity that Hezbollah’s illegal terrorist activities undermine Lebanon’s security, stability and sovereignty.”

At least 6 people were killed during armed unrest in the Tayouneh area of ​​the capital, which the authorities described as an attack on demonstrators who were heading to participate in a protest called by “Hezbollah” and the “Amal” movement to demand the dismissal of the investigating judge in the Beirut port explosion.

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