Hodeidah and Marib in the equation of war and peace


The international community is looking for peace in Yemen, but it turns a blind eye to the chances of achieving it.

In order for him to be honest and serious about reaching a lasting and real peace, it is necessary to start from the root of the problem in order to know the party that does not want peace, as well as the objective and subjective reasons that make him adhere to war as an option he cannot give up.

It is not arbitrary when we say that Al-Houthi is the party that refuses peace since it turned against it, the state, and the national consensus with arms; The question is what makes him accept peace when he realizes that the project he seeks can only be achieved through war??

This is one of the facts of the war that Al-Houthi ignited, and with it, talking about peace can only be a mere anesthetic for the wounded body, while the war devours every day what remains of the live spots in this exhausted body, preparing it for surrender, not peace.

But another question remains, which is what makes it possible to achieve peace in such a situation?

The answer, in short, is that achieving this will not be through an appeal, but by breaking the military’s rejection of peace in order to rebuild its position according to different data from what its war project requires.. This is what would have been achieved in Hodeidah in 2018, when the state was about to retake Hodeidah from the hands of the Houthis and Iran behind him, had it not been for him. The pressures exerted by the international community forcefully to sign an agreement in which the state lost its most important point of strength in the equation of war and peace in general, and because of that, peace has been the biggest loser until today.

The matter of Hodeidah did not stop there. Rather, the agreement turned into a heavy international stick in the face of legitimacy after the former UN envoy donated a certificate to the Security Council on the implementation of the agreement by the Houthis in that farce the world witnessed and did not move a finger about it.

Today, “Marib” is resisting for the sake of peace, which was lost in Hodeidah due to the wrong calculations of the international community at that time, and which is still continuing today, according to what is reported from the news, and peace will only be achieved by breaking the Houthis in the blazing front in Marib.

We hope that the international community realizes that the fall of Marib will not achieve the peace that it is talking about, and it is time to leave the talk of peace that is stripped of knowing the motives of the war that the Houthis and Iran cling to, for all the facts under which real peace moves say that peace and oppression do not meet, Peace needs a force that breaks the transgressor and paves the way for him.

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