Hodeidah .. is still exposing them!.


If the withdrawal of Hodeidah and the repositioning of forces there are positive, it exposes the Iranian Houthi coup militia, and this must be clarified in the media and politically to public opinion, and strongly to expose these aggressor militias and their destructive and irresponsible practices. My priesthood sees in him that he was chosen by God to rule, and that God subjugated to him the international envoys, the coalition and the Americans to deliver him to that!.

And let the whole world know and witness his dealings, and the arrogance, coercion, arrogance, arrogance, madness, and indifference to the humanitarian situation and the indifference to civil aspects, and that he only thinks of his interests and goals, even at the expense of the blood and interests of all the people of Yemen.

This is one of his many calamities before the eyes of the world and his testimony. Al-Houthi has not committed to any agreements and dialogues throughout his history and the same picture is repeated every time, and he utters about aggression and he is the aggressor, and about crimes and he is the creator of the biggest of them, and even one of the most prominent criminals, and about the people who are his biggest enemy and against his peace, stability, sovereignty and the interests of his children He does not care about the victims, the destruction, the killing, the sabotage and the destruction that befell him. Rather, this is his project and program that no one else is good at, nor does he deviate from.

On every occasion and event, reference should be made to his betrayal and treachery, and it has occurred, and we must continue to expose and expose it before the local and international public opinion.

This event also confirms our right to reconsider and to talk about that all agreements with him, including the Stockholm Agreement, are under consideration.

Therefore, today we have to speak strongly of pressure on everyone on the Republican side and their allies, to resume hostilities on all fronts, and on the international community to help the legitimate Yemeni government to eliminate these armed and rebel gangs and militias that kidnap citizens and take them as human shields or hostages and trade in their necessary suffering..

And the necessity of disarming it by force and giving the state its legal and international right to monopolize the use of force and weapons against any armed rebellions that threaten the security, safety, stability and unity of Yemen.

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