“Hodeidah – Stockholm” and what happened.. and the responsibility to overcome what happened


More than three years have been more than costly and more than enough to reconsider plans and operations, a release from the shackles of an attritional situation imposed on you; Not only to prevent you from progressing, but to end your existence and freeze your options. Also, the continuation of his confinement would be considered a fateful surrender to a suicidal option. This is what happened. It was the duty of the joint to work early to overcome what has happened.

In all, there have been thousands of martyrs, and twice as many wounded, in the ranks of the joint forces formations, during four years on the fronts of the western coast and Hodeidah.

These are not just numbers in inventory records and numbers in news and opinion data. No matter how malicious campaigns of mobilization and deliberate shading try to divert the vision from its natural and objective field.

It is realistic to admit that the “Stockholm Agreement plot”; It was not only a savior of the rebels and the putschists and maintained them and their presence in power, control and influence in Hodeidah and the ports, but also at the same time, to stifle, restrict and handcuff the joint national liberation forces. And the concerned parties and the parties to the agreement alike with all manifestations of disavowal and overturning of the provisions and the disruption of any opportunity, even a small one, to implement the initial provisions, open roads, remove mines, and raise sectors and barricades that continued to fill the city and even multiplied repeatedly.
In these circumstances and daily calculations over heavy and depleting years, the sacrifices of the joint forces remained the only constant on a daily and depleting basis. These are sacrifices that have been overlooked and ignored by all parties, parties and authorities that have always refused to reconsider the opinion and consider the agreement and delegitimize the coup militias and empower them in Hodeidah.

It is a huge human cost and huge priceless sacrifices made by the forces that made the most precious and precious, in battles whose title and only goal was victory, liberation and saving Yemen, leading to the restoration of Sana’a through a plan and a map of victory passing through the western coast, Hodeidah, ports and even the northern coast, meeting with Hajja and Midi and cutting roads. The supply, arms smuggling, nutrition and empowerment arteries that continued to provide the pro-Iranian putschists with factors of strength and military and economic empowerment.

But this cost certainly did not pay for the joint forces and the liberation forces to be buried next to it in confined, mined and booby-trapped squares, as it was obligatory and confined and imposed on them by the agreement to stop progress and disrupt the goal and liberation in Sweden in late 2018.

The blood and lives that were paid for the sake of an honorable national goal should not be forgotten or dropped from the accounts, plans and goals of the forces committed to continuing the struggle, loyalty to the blood of comrades, upholding the value of sacrifice and safeguarding trusts.

More than three years have been costly and more than enough to reconsider plans, operations, goals, options, spaces, fronts of action, work and struggle, liberation from the constraints of a debilitating situation imposed on you, not only to prevent you from progressing, but to end your existence and freeze your options at zero. This is not acceptable, and the continuation of his confinement will be considered a fateful surrender to a free suicide option.

This was what happened.. It was the duty of the Joint Forces Command on the West Coast to work early to overcome what happened.

Redeployment, the operation carried out and implemented by the joint forces, is nothing more than repositioning within the boundaries of areas, lines and points of concentration defined and arranged by the provisions of the Stockholm Agreement.

Legitimacy and the international community must impose the agreement, not impose a coup against it, and perpetuate the status quo by imposing the fait accompli against Stockholm, its sponsors, and its parties.

The deliberate, calculated and responsible moves also still preserve a vital space for Yemeni legitimacy to impose its options and implement international agreements in which it participated and signed and turned into international resolutions under the authority of the UN Security Council.

As for those who made all those precious sacrifices, they are not interested in defeatist campaigns, no matter how exaggerated they are in shading and intimidation. The will and options of the joint forces will not be affected by denial, targeting, forgery and slander.

The responsible leadership has the duty and responsibility to preserve and fulfill sacrifices and to open national areas and options to the fighters who see all sides and fronts as a national field for action, sacrifice, and open confrontation with the Iranian militias.

The West Coast forces were and remain faithful to the coast and the interior, and to the right and goal of liberation, restoring the natural right of the Yemeni people to sovereignty over their land and country, imposing their will and self-determination and their rulers freely and without coercion or dictation, imposing and blowing up the claims and guardianship of pretenders and priesthoods with all their illusions and sayings.

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