Homeland Tent!


I still remember the moments when Tawakkol Karman led a huge march towards the headquarters of the Council of Ministers in Sana’a on May 11, 2011.
On that day, Karman shouted: “Every time we are martyred, your throne will be shaken.
And months did not pass until the country stumbled from end to end…
In fact, the throne of this country has been shaken and lost by bastards, thieves and mercenaries.
One day, Tawakkol Karman, a Yemeni citizen, was traveling from Sana’a to Aden on a passenger bus that did not stop and people did not ask who are you? She raises her hand to reflect on the remaining time for the arrival of the collective bus that will take her to its destination.
Karman was not alone as an ordinary citizen, everyone was.
One day, when we had an army, a country, a homeland, salaries and services, and we had value among God’s creation, Kerman was one of the people.
Who would believe that those who destroyed this country and overthrew its institutions, army and system, after all these years, come out to talk about the values ​​of justice, freedom, equality, revolution and hope!
And they celebrate…
From comfortable tables and in a legendary party, “Karman” spoke again..
About the country you don’t live in.
About the poverty that left it 10 years ago and became a lonely guest on this country..
About freedom in the time of executioners.
About justice in the country where the courts are absent.
I addressed the Yemenis about their country and its revolution and promised them again freedom, but she forgot or forgot that the Yemenis no longer have a homeland and no electricity that can light up the TV screens so that they can hear what you say..
Can anyone, after all these years, talk about the suffering of the Yemenis, but do not trust Karman and others like her.
It is difficult to feel the suffering of the hungry, and your doctor only a few days ago wrote you a list of prohibited foods that threaten the safety of your heart and stomach.
The doctor forgot to write a cure for your conscience.
You can’t tell people that they’re fine, and you haven’t set foot in this country for 8 years.
You will not feel those whose homes have been destroyed and they have become displaced in cities they do not know while you live in your fleeing palace..
Tawakkol celebrates the 10th anniversary of its award, and we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the loss of our country.
Between this and that, there is a lump in the heart and a tear in the eye, and wishes for the return of the lost homeland.
About her tent, Karman talks about the tent that has become without a homeland, no way, and no hope.
10 years since the country was lost..
10 years ago, fear subsided and we had hunger.
Ten years after the tent of Tawakkol, which lost a homeland..
What homeland are you talking about, Tawakkol Karman? And which people are you talking to?
Are you addressing the people who caused his ruin?
The homeland whose pillars were destroyed and slain!?
All over the world, the corrupt and sinners resign and even commit suicide only in this country.
They dance on your wounds and tell you about the light in the darkness.
And freedom and restrictions bleed your wrist.
And about the future while the present slips through your fingers.
go away oh…
I’m a little late…
My country destroyed it and ran away..
Its institutions brought it down.
its army and dismantled it..
Why do you celebrate?
October 8, 2021

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