Horrific massacres of the Houthis and international intervention to retrieve the corpses scattered in the Marib desert.. More than 200 dead people arrived in Sana’a


The Houthi militia recovered more than 200 bodies of their dead on three fronts in Marib Governorate, through an international organization.

A government military source in Marib told Xinhua that the Houthi militia recovered, yesterday morning, 220 bodies of fighters who had been killed during the past days.

The source indicated that the militias recovered 167 bodies of their fighters from the al-Juba front, south of Marib, and 53 others from the al-Kasara and al-Mashjah fronts in the Serwah district, west of the governorate.

The Chinese agency quoted a Houthi security source, describing him as a “high-ranking” military hospital in the capital, Sanaa.

The source confirmed that 220 bodies of Houthi fighters who were killed during the past three weeks on the Marib fronts were recovered.

The Houthi source indicated that the exhumation process was with the assistance and coordination of the International Committee of the Red Cross, adding that: the bodies are on their way to Sanaa.

A number of fronts in Marib governorate are witnessing violent battles, accompanied by heavy losses for the Houthi militia, and the Al-Juba front, adjacent to the city, tops the number of Houthi deaths. Last week, the Houthi militia announced the funeral of 205 of its members, including 141 impersonating officers, according to local monitoring.

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