Hot night… the transitional government fires live bullets at the protesters in Aden


The widespread popular protests, condemning the deteriorating economic situation in the temporary capital, Aden (southern of the country), were renewed in conjunction with the advent of the legitimate Yemeni government.
Local sources said that the pace of protests rose in different neighborhoods of the temporary capital, as protesters closed shops in Crater.
The sources confirmed that the security forces of the Southern Transitional Council began firing live bullets at the protesters to disperse them.
According to the sources, protesters were injured by live bullets, while the rest continued to burn tires and closed streets and shops.
The internationally recognized Yemeni government announced, this evening, Tuesday, the arrival of the Prime Minister, “Mueen Abdul-Malik” to the temporary capital, Aden, after a visit to the governorates of Shabwa and Hadramout.

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