Houthi attempts to advance towards Marib and control an important mountain range


The forces of the National Army and the Popular Resistance thwarted Houthi infiltration attempts in the Dhanna front, south of Marib Governorate (east of Yemen).

And field sources said, today, Thursday, that the Houthi militia tried to infiltrate, in the Dhanna front, through the Al-Sawad Mountains range that separates the Murad area and the Bani Dabyan district in Sanaa governorate.

The sources indicated that violent battles waged by the army and resistance forces against the Houthi militia, on the Dhanna front, resulted in the death of dozens of Houthis, who pushed with human coordinates to try to achieve progress in the region.

In turn, the coalition fighters launched violent raids on the militias, which caused heavy losses in life and equipment.

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