Houthi attempts to control two fronts in Marib.. Huge reinforcements arrive and decisive intervention of coalition fighters


The forces of the National Army and the Popular Resistance thwarted a Houthi infiltration attempt on the Umm Reesh front, south of Marib.

Field sources said that the army and resistance forces thwarted a Houthi attempt to infiltrate the Umm Reesh front and the western front of the governorate.

The sources indicated that the militias mobilized dozens of their elements to attack the Umm Reesh front, without achieving any breakthrough for weeks.

In addition, the sources confirmed the return of clashes in the al-Kasara front, west of Marib, which thwarted all attempts by the Houthi militia to achieve progress towards it, about 10 months of battles.

In turn, the Arab coalition fighters destroyed the Houthi militia’s reinforcements towards the south and west of Marib, and inflicted heavy losses on lives and equipment.

This coincides with military movements on the fronts of the western coast, which caused confusion to the movements of the Houthi militia.

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