Houthi directives to “Yemen Mobile” company to congratulate the September 26 revolution


The Houthi militia prevented the company “Yemen Mobile” from repeating congratulations on the September 26 revolution, so as not to overshadow the anniversary of their coup on September 21.

Sources in the company told the Yemeni scene that the Houthis issued directives to the leadership of “Yemen Mobile”, the largest national mobile phone company in Yemen, from repeating congratulations on the September 26 revolution so as not to overshadow the September 21 coup.

The sources added that the Houthis expressed their concern that not mentioning the September 26 revolution would result in a popular reaction, especially with the increasing losses in its absurd war through which it is trying to eliminate the September 26 revolution in favor of racism, dynasty and slavery represented in the September 21 coup, which became known as the Nakba Day in To whom .

The sources confirmed that Yemen Mobile Company sent many congratulations on the occasion of the September 21 coup, more than half a month ahead of its date, while reluctantly sending congratulations for fear of a popular reaction against it.

And the effects of the Yemeni masses’ celebration of the September 26 revolution angered the Houthi militia, which has come to realize that there is a popular cultural revolution that will not accept Yemen’s return to before September 26, and that the militia’s racist dynastic project is about to disappear.

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