Houthi leaders seize a new treasure in their areas of control and start buying and selling operations


A number of prominent Houthi leaders have laid rugs on sports stadiums in their areas of control and turned them into private property for sale and purchase.

Sports sources in Sana’a reported a significant escalation of Houthi violations and acts of destruction since the beginning of this year against most of the clubs, stadiums and gyms located within the areas under the control of the Houthi coup militia.

The sources pointed out that since the beginning of this September, Houthi violations have been recorded against the sports sector. Ibb governorate topped the list of cities whose sports facilities were targeted by the Houthis, followed by Sanaa, the capital, where the sports sector was systematically destroyed.

The latest Houthi violations against sports ranged from raids and looting of clubs’ headquarters, destruction of stadiums, converting facilities into places of residence and holding meetings, as well as robbery of lands owned by sports clubs and federations.

According to employees in the sports sector, about 32 sports federations stopped working almost completely, while the militias continued to convert more than 25 clubs into rest houses for their leaders, warehouses, places to teach lessons, and camps to prepare fighters.

With regard to the last violations of the putschists against sports in Sanaa, local sources in the capital reported that on the first of last June, influential Houthi leaders belonging to Saada robbed by force of arms a large area of ​​land belonging to the Equestrian Club in the Haziz area (south of Sanaa).

She explained that immediately after the robbery, the group began to dispose of the land as private property, by selling half of its area to other Houthi figures, with the complicity of the Houthi leader, Muhammad al-Mu’aydi, who was appointed as Minister of Youth and Sports in the unrecognized coup government.

According to the same sources, the group has divided the rest of the club’s space into small and medium pieces, and preparations are currently underway to complete its sale at fantastic prices.

In continuation of the Houthi violations, the leader of the group, Muhammad Al-Moayedi, raided, at the beginning of this month, the private sports medicine headquarters of the Sports City in the Al-Hasaba region (north of Sanaa).

And local reports spoke of Al-Moayedi, immediately after storming the building, which consists of eight apartments, expelling its workers, and then converting it into his residence, and distributing the rest of the facilities as housing for the followers of the group coming from Saada.

Sports facilities and facilities in Ibb (170 km south of Sanaa) were not far from that scene, as the group’s attacks since the beginning of this month have targeted a number of stadiums and sports clubs in the same governorate.

Sports activists in Ibb revealed that the militias have continued to occupy the sports stadium (May 22 Stadium) and Al-Kibsi Stadium since imposing its armed control over the governorate.

They emphasized that the group aimed at blocking the way for young people and athletes to hold any sporting events, activities or competitions, in order to force them to join its ranks and force them to fight on its fronts.

Activists in Ibb had circulated about two weeks ago, pictures showing the extent of neglect of the stadiums “22 May”, “Al-Kibsi”, “Al-Shaab”, and others in the governorate, and the extensive destruction that resulted in them, leading to their conversion from sports stadiums to farms Citizens daily harvest the herbs growing there to feed their livestock.

These and other scenes sparked widespread anger among activists, youth and athletes in the governorate, and some of them commented, during tweets to them on the communication platforms, that this is the case for sports, football stadiums and others in Ibb since the period following the Houthi occupation of the governorate, and the complete cessation of sports activities. .

Athletes in Ibb held the putschists responsible for the deterioration of that sector in the governorate, and demanded organizations concerned with sports and human rights to move to provide the most basic rights granted to them as youth and athletes, represented in the release of allocations and revenues for clubs, the removal of armed militias coming from Saada from the facilities, and the return of the facilities. Rehabilitation after the ruin that affected it 7 years ago.

And the prominent Houthi leader in Ibb, called Osama Al-Hakim, had caused in late August to damage the floor of a sports stadium in the center of Ibb city, when he summoned drilling machines to set up tents in the middle of the stadium, with the aim of holding a wedding party for one of his sons. Young people, athletes, and all the city’s residents condemned his act and described it as “barbaric”.

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