Houthi manipulation of the electoral register to replace 85 deputies


The Houthi militia seeks to destroy the legislative and executive institutions in the country through changes in the electoral register, to replace 85 electoral districts that have stripped their members of immunity because of their loyalty to the legitimate government.

In this regard, sources in the Supreme Elections Committee in Sanaa reported that the militia made changes in the electoral register after dropping membership from 83 loyalist deputies, in addition to the death of two deputies, in order to hold new elections and appoint members belonging to the group.

Local sources in Maqbna District, Taiz Governorate, stated that a number of Houthi loyalists began to go to the villages and hold meetings with a number of personalities and youth to coordinate for them to run in the elections as candidates in the two constituencies, after the militia announced the lifting of immunity and dropping the membership of parliamentarians loyal to legitimacy in the two constituencies.

The sources pointed out that the militia submitted the amendments to its senior leaders pending approval and determining the financial budget for holding the elections, explaining that the militia is seeking to establish a new parliament under its full control to be used in passing the legal amendments that are facing current opposition from some party blocs whose leaders live under house arrest.

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