Houthi militia continues to bombard Hays in Hodeidah


Today, Wednesday, the Iranian-backed Houthi militia continued to bombard and target civilian objects in the Hays district, south of Hodeidah.

Local sources reported that the militias shelled residential neighborhoods with heavy and continuous artillery shells and B10 artillery shells in the past hours of the day in a continuous and intense manner.

The sources confirmed that the homes of citizens in separate residential neighborhoods were directly targeted by the Houthi militia with heavy weapons, MT 23 caliber, medium machine guns 14.5 caliber and 12.7 caliber, and pica mod weapons.

The Houthi bombing and deliberate targeting of citizens’ homes left a state of fear and panic among civilians, especially women and children, according to the same sources.

The Houthi militias have increased the frequency of their violations and violations of the UN truce in the context of their continuous escalation in Hodeidah, in light of international and international silence and silence.

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