Houthi militia forces travelers to undress at checkpoints and arrests travelers from areas under the control of legitimacy!!


The Houthi militia has forced travelers coming from the governorates under legitimate control to strip and search in a humiliating manner.

The National Committee to Investigate Human Rights Violations confirmed that the Houthi militia had imposed “new and severe restrictions on travelers to Houthi militia-controlled areas, or those returning from other areas.”

And a member of the committee, Ishraq al-Maqtari, explained in a tweet on her account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter” that was monitored by the Yemeni scene, that “the members of the armed points are searching citizens and forcing them to take off their clothes in search of the new currency and looting it on the justification that it is a violation.”

Al-Maqtari confirmed that “huge sums were seized, arbitrary arrests of a number of travelers, and improper searches” practiced by the Houthi militia against citizens.

Last month, the Houthi militia, at its checkpoints in Taiz Governorate, confiscated about 141 million riyals of the local currency issued by the Central Bank in Aden, which was in the possession of travelers, according to a statement published by the militia’s “security media”.

The militias, through the central bank under their control in Sana’a, issued decisions banning the circulation of the local currency issued by the central bank in Aden, which is under the internationally recognized legitimate government, and considering it a counterfeit and illegal currency.

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