Houthi militia resorts to the last card on the west coast after sudden collapses


The Houthi militia has cut off communications and internet networks in a number of areas of Hodeidah, coinciding with the advances of the leaving forces in the countryside of Taiz.

Local sources said that the Houthi militia cut off all communications networks on the western coast, to confuse the movements of the joint forces in those areas.

The sources pointed out that the communications on the Hays district in the Hodeidah governorate, in the west of the country, led to the exit of the landline telephone and Internet (DSL) services, and their complete suspension in the district, which also led to a weakening of the communications network and the Internet of Yemen Mobile.

The Houthi militia, which controls communications, is resorting to cutting off service in areas that are witnessing battles that are not in its favour, as a last card to confuse resistance movements and commit crimes against civilians away from the media.

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