Houthi militia targets residential areas in Marib with two ballistic missiles..and the location of their launch revealed


The Houthi militia targeted residential areas in Marib Governorate, this morning, Saturday, after it failed to make progress on the ground.

Local sources said that the Houthi militia targeted, today, Saturday, the populated village of Al Hussein Ahmed, in the Al-Juba district, in the Marib governorate, with two ballistic missiles.

In turn, the Saudi newspaper, Okaz, quoted a military source as saying: “Two ballistic missiles fell at a different time on the Al-Jadida area, pointing out that one of the missiles targeted the village of Al Qibli, but it caused no casualties, while causing damage to homes and property.”

The newspaper pointed out, according to local residents, that “the two missiles were launched from the center of the Sawan neighborhood in the capital, Sana’a, towards the Marib governorate, and that the militia launches missiles from the middle of residential neighborhoods, which may lead to a major disaster and massacre against civilians.”

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