Houthi stupidity never ends


In January 2015, President Hadi submitted his resignation to the House of Representatives after the priesthood militia entered Sanaa. At that time, the militia prevented the House of Representatives from convening and accepting the resignation, although it was in their favor, but a donkey taught you politics.

What happened after that, and the Arab coalition entered with a letter and asked President Hadi, and the Houthis entered the Yemeni people in the midst of a civil war that is still going on, eating everything and everything.

But their stupidity was repeated today, after they were making great advances on the ground and the matter appeared to be going in their favor, the pride took them in sin, so they stormed the American embassy in Sana’a and looted it and detained employees who were still aware of it, so the Americans went crazy..

Over the past week, the American diplomacy moved and changed its soft discourse with the Houthis, which it was defending strongly after the Democrats entered the White House, and it seems that it gave the green light for the Yemeni forces to advance in all their formations towards crushing the Houthis and liberating many areas and may even reach more than that. .

Those who monitor and follow the situation well see that there is a tendency to besiege the Houthis in Sanaa and to restore the provinces that border the capital from more than one direction.

The bottom line is that this militia is stupid, and if Iran and Hizb al-Lat try to lead the way, it is the mistake of a thousand and paranoia has an end and may be harmful and beneficial.

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