Houthi supervisors in Sana’a remove the green color from their cars after popular calls for revenge on them


A large number of Houthi supervisors in Sana’a governorate removed the green color from their cars after popular calls to avenge them for being child kidnappers and engaged in hostile acts against Yemenis since 2004 AD, after declaring war on the Yemeni army – the heart of Saada’s six – up to their coup against it, looting state camps and stopping all salaries The army and the replacement of their sectarian elements.

Local sources told Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni that the Houthi supervisors in all the villages of Sanaa governorate changed their dialect towards the tribesmen, and that a large number of them removed the green color from their cars for fear of quickly identifying and identifying their cars, expecting revenge from them.

The sources added that a large number of parents, whose children were kidnapped by the supervisors, threatened the supervisors to take revenge on them, in addition to those who were insulted by the supervisors, or whose money or lands were looted or robbed after their demand for revenge against the Houthis, and similar calls in the liberated areas that took place recently in Hodeidah. .

The sources confirmed that car wash shops are full of green Houthi cars, which were painted green during Houthi sectarian religious occasions, which symbolize the Shiites and a tradition of Iran through the transfer of rituals and religious slogans from them, including the Houthi cry that Khomeini introduced to Iran at the end of the seventies of the last century.

This has increased the enemies of the Houthi leaders in the villages and directorates of Sana’a governorate after they tried to humiliate the tribesmen, taking advantage of their powers granted by the Houthis against the people of their regions, which will reflect negatively on them in the coming days, which are still pregnant with surprises.

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