“Houthis” commit suicide on the walls of Marib “tonight”


Hundreds of Yemeni activists called on social networks, this evening, Saturday, to participate in a wide electronic campaign to support the resilience of Marib Governorate.

According to the activists, the electronic campaign will be launched this evening at 9:00 pm under the hashtag: #Al-Houthi_commits_on_the_walls_of_Marib

They pointed out that the campaign comes in support of the steadfastness and steadfastness of the heroes of the Yemeni army and the tribes in the Marib governorate, and the historical heroism they are fighting against the Houthi militia despite its large and continuous reinforcements towards the oil-rich governorate crowded with hundreds of thousands of displaced people.

The Yemeni army forces, backed by tribesmen and fighters of the Arab coalition in support of legitimacy, managed today, Saturday, to break an attack by groups of the Houthi militia on the Al-Mushajah and Al-Kasara fronts, in the west of the governorate.

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